• What is the Carson City Schools Foundation?

Carson City School Foundation is a public education foundation established to increase student achievement in pre-K through grade 12 through community philanthropic investment and involvement.

  • What is a public education foundation?

A public education foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization designed to augment, supplement, or complement programs and activities currently being provided by the district.  Read more here.

  • Never heard of something like that, is it a new thing?

Currently, there are over 6,500 education foundations across the U.S.  The establishment of a foundation supporting a school district is quickly becoming a community best practice to increase student performance at all levels through community philanthropy.

  • How are donations spent?

We use the Empower Carson City 2017 plan as our “lighthouse” to set our direction and priorities for funding.  This document was created with significant community input and has been generally embraced by the community. Click here for detailed information about our current programs. Click here for a detailed logic model of our current program goals.

  • Who is the Foundation accountable to?

We serve at the pleasure of the Carson City School District Superintendent and school board.